First of all, get your head out of the gutter. Moms want to WRITE. What else did you think we would want to do? We’ve got kids for Pete’s sakes.

After many months of procrastination–and, of course, bowls and bowls of procrastination ice cream–my blog is finally up. I kept going back and forth on ideas until I came up with MOMS LIKE TO DO IT, TOO. I thought it was pretty witty and catchy. But, hey, I’ll take anything that is a good laugh so maybe I don’t count. The plan is to blog about fiction writing and motherhood or, as I call it, life. In essence, two narrow topics (in relation to the Universe, duh) that are actually both weighty and vast in the depth of their scopes. Which is good or I wouldn’t need a blog and I’d just look stupid typing up all this stuff.

I should warn you. I know zippo about blog construction so you may get a laugh just from the physical site. I am going to call that a reader bonus and act like I meant to do that. But if you keep checking back you’ll get to see the site improve and share in my writing and motherhood experiences. Heck, you might even learn a thing or two. It could happen.

Happy Writing,


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