Death by Potty


Potty training is going to kill my creativity.

Straight. To the point. I don’t have the will or the ability to invent a witty or grand metaphor to covey it this morning.

It’s murder. Plain and simple.

And it’s already begun.

I had been planning to get my daughter a potty training chair when she was a year and a half. My PLAN was to put it in the bathroom and just to let her get use to it, and THEN I would start potty training her when she showed signs of knowing when she was going to the bathroom in her diaper.

Nothing ever goes as planned.

Friday my daughter, who just turned seventeen months, ran into the kitchen while I was making dinner and said, “Mommy, Mommy, poopy.” And started pooping her diaper. I bought a training potty that weekend.

So I got the potty and set it up while she was napping. When she got up, I put her on it just to make introductions. “Daughter, Potty. Potty, Daughter.” She went to the bathroom the first time she sat on it!

The potty training was on.

I have to say I was kind of hoping she was still too young. She might be ready for potty training, but I’m not. Unfortunately, what I want went out the window when I became a mom, and the chance of putting potty training off went down the toilet when she went pee in her potty.

Potty training is intense, and it’s kind of like watching for when a hen with it’s head cut off is going to lay an egg. Oh, and you’ve got to catch the egg. You’ve got to figure out what the child’s signs for needing to use the bathroom are and then get them to do it in the toilet.

A goal that would have Einstein shuffling away from a toddler, saying, “I’ll take relativity; you take the toddler.”

At this point, I am trying to figure out what is the best timing to take my daughter to the bathroom for success. I’ve done hour, half hour and fifteen minute incremental sessions. Still no potty. On top of that, she has the uncanny ability to pee her Pull-Up right before my timer goes off.

So I’ve got no time to write. Worse than that, I’ve got no time to think about writing.

All of my brain power and energy goes into thinking about pee. On top of that, all this thinking about pee makes ME have to pee more, not her!

All this pee business isn’t good for my novel development. Picture books, yes. I already have a new idea for one on pee. Potty training is just field research for picture books. But adult novels are a whole ‘nother bag and require a different mindset. A.K.A not pee on the brain.

I am trying to tell myself that this is the beginning and the toughest part (It doesn’t help that she woke up an hour and a half early this morning, taking away my prime writing time with her alertness.). It’s going to take a little bit of time to find our potty routine. I have to flexible with my personal goals and schedule if we both are going to survive and succeed.

I’m a mom.

A potty training mom.

4 thoughts on “Death by Potty

  1. Yes, flexibility is the key. You’ll have time for your goals, just not this week. We’re potty training in our house too, but with a 3-year-old. And two sick parents. Not sure much writing’s going to happen here, either.

  2. I feel your pain. I used to really admire writers who finished their novel before their baby was six months old. I still admire them, but I am in sheer dumbstruck awe of writers who are even able to pen a short story or poem with a toddler. My son is nearly 3 (crap, I gotta plan that birthday party), and I long for the days of three-hour stretches of writing time. I’m lucky to get 15 minutes in a row at a time of day that I’m not completely zonked.

    Still, I wouldn’t trade moment of it. But I might like that remote from Click so I could pause time and get some stuff done between play sessions, balance bike rides, and potty training.

    • If you get a hold of that remote, please share. 🙂 I am with you on wondering how people do it all…especially when sometimes just doing a little makes me want to pull my hair out. I’ve learned, for me to survive, I have to constantly remind myself to just to a little bit at a time and those little bits WILL add up. A little is better than nothing. Good luck on planning your b-day party. I am still trying to recover from the stress of my daughters first birthday party back in December. 🙂

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