My Tangled Character…and It’s Not Who You Think

The other night, my mother came over to see my daughter. My little one had been having major allergy problems thanks to the schizophrenic Missouri weather, and my mom has to check on her sick grandbabies. After my mom’s usual Nana-kisses routine, she settled on the floor with my daughter, who was watching Tangled. (A […]

Outlines, Synopses and Plots…Oh My!

I’ll be honest. My writing process isn’t for the faint of heart. Or probably even the sane. I am not just a plotter but a Super Plotter. For most people, that would rank right up there with flying monkeys. In my last post on my endeavors to write my synopsis (Synopses: Love the Burn) for […]

Synopses: Love the Burn

Writing synopses sucks! There is no two ways about it. They are evil little Gremlins that live to make you feel stupid and your family to wonder if you PMSing or going through “the change.” A synopsis is, according good old Merriam-Webster, “a condensed statement or outline.” Sounds simple enough, right? Ha! Write one. Within […]

Determination: Potty-training and Plotting

That’s me: a rhinoceros with a dream. Well, two really. The past six weeks I’ve had two momentous projects: potty-training and plotting. Neither task is for the faint of heart. Both require blood, sweat and tears to see through. In a previous post I mentioned how my daughter, at seventeen months, signaled she was ready […]

Mom’s (And Everyone) Like It Even Better When It’s Free

When you’ve got kids you get more hugs, more stains, more laughs, more tears…and less money and time. So the word FREE becomes a sound that gives you naughty, exciting tingles whenever you hear it. Or, at least, it does me. Especially when I discover a new tool or resource to help my writing craft […]

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