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I’ve been tagged by S.D. Keeling (click on the link to learn more about her and her wonderful middle grade novel, The Amulet of Isis) as the next in a blog hop. A blog hop bounces from author to author and grills us on a few questions. I have to say I am surprised by how much fun it was to do this. It’s a lot of fun to link up with everyone and find out what they are up to.

Alright, time to put me under the hop interrogation spotlight.

1. What are you working on right now?

I am taking a break from my picture books and working on an adult urban fantasy, From Olympus with Love.  I usually don’t like to talk about my current projects during development (It can drain the creative drive if I talk about it too much.), but I am going to include my blurp because it’s a special event.

From Olympus With Love

Living in Las Vegas, centuries celibate Pandora is about as free of the gods as an ex-mother of the human race can be. Until she becomes mysteriously pregnant. Desperate not to relive past mistakes, Pandora’s sure it’s a divine mistake. A mistake she can’t undo fast enough as a string of pregnant immortal women turn up dead, their unborn children cut from their bodies.

 2. How does it differ from other words in its genre?

The series concept is planned around Pandora, the protagonist, being pregnant through the whole or most of the series. You don’t see very many urban fantasy heroines pregnant, especially for a whole series. I’ll admit; it is going to be tough to pull off. But I found the concept intriguing, so I thought, “Why not?”

3. What is the hardest part about writing?

Right now, time and focus. I’ve got a whirlwind of a toddler, who is potty-training and teething, and it’s hard to have enough time to eat a whole meal let alone have the hours and hours it takes to develop and write an 80,000 word plus novel. My family is extremely supportive and does try to help me get time. The funny thing is that when I do get big blocks of time to work I miss my daughter.

 4. Who are the authors that you most admire?

I always go blank when asked this kind of question because there are so many. Agatha Christy has to be mentioned first. Her novel And Then There Were None (or Ten Little Indians) was the first novel that showed me how impressive mystery fiction can be and introduced me to the surprise-never-saw-it-coming ending that I love. It’s my subconscious litmus test to every piece of fiction I read or write. However, I am currently obsessed with Richelle Mead. She’s a freaking genius with character development and emotion, and I find myself identifying with her style a lot.

Whew! *Sweat fling*

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18 thoughts on “Blog Hop!!

  1. I think everyone has the same problem finding time. Life is always going to be in the way. I wonder if successful writers have the same problem. By successful, I mean Mary Higgins Clark, Patterson, Baldacci, ,etc. Be nice to know. But they probably have staff to intercept their busy lives.

  2. Toddlers are exhausting. And so much fun. What a fascinating premise! I love it. It will all come together as time allows, just keep at it.

  3. Geez, I find it hard enough to have writing time with dealing with the needs of house, pets, and husband. Can’t imagine how hard it must be to handle toddler, teething and all that, too. But what a wonderful time in your life. Enjoy.

  4. Sorry for being a late comer, but I’m behind in everything. I also love the idea of a pregnant protagonist in an Urban Fantasy. The idea of a woman bearing a special child goes back to the time of Jesus, but it strangely has not appeared in much literature lately.

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